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05 - 22
Visit customers to enhance cooperation
In order to strengthen the communication and exchange with users, accurately grasp the needs of users, and improve the production of FRP plates Sales and other links of products, improve service quality, and collect first-hand data for FRP personalized production. On May 21, Ansar organized the head
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05 - 03
FRP panel characteristics
FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic polyester plate, commonly known as FRP panel , FRP panel, anti-corrosion plate, composed of resin and glass fiber, has a good anti ultraviolet effect. The anti ultraviolet is to protect the polyester of FRP plate from yellowing and aging. Because of its stable qu
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04 - 25
AnChe New material Co., Ltd. moved into the new factory
In the world of mortals, listen to the whispers of the years, pick up the poetic heart of the words, the feelings of the past, the book between the lines; Crisscrossing paths, with a sweet memory, embrace a good heart, with the pace of life tireless, will be a plain shade written into the poem
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04 - 24
The difference of woven roving frp panel and Chopped strand mat frp panel
FRP cloth substrate & felt substrate differenceAdvantages: the tensile strength and impact strength of FRP cloth substrate are far greater than that of FRP felt substrate, and it can bear the impact of frozen meat.Disadvantages: high specific gravity to increase the weight of the carriage.FRP substr
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