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Reefer containers carry heavy mechanical loads when loading and transporting goods.In addition, it is necessary to maintain a very low temperature for a long period of time while saving as much energy as possible.Vehicle-mounted composite materials can provide safe and energy efficient food transportation solutions for refrigerated containers.

The inner wall can effectively resist the front impact.

The inner wall made of fiber-reinforced plastic with strong firmness can effectively withstand the impact.At the same time it provides reinforcement effect of the characteristics of the container as a whole more stable.Its high fiber content results in good insulation and less thermal expansion.

Food safety and thermal insulation

The biggest advantages of fiberglass reinforced plastics for the food industry include their closed, non-porous, easy-to-clean exterior, thus ensuring compliance with national hygiene standards.The results also show that the food safety, good insulation and less thermal expansion of the composite materials can ensure the safety of food during the cold storage.Fibre-reinforced plastics provide excellent insulation when sandwich structures are filled with foam layers

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