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Reduce truck body weight

For rv floor structure, lightweight has always been the goal of the manufacturer.Heavier woodiness floor board, absorb moisture easily thereby become mouldy, can form the floor of a kind of sandwich structure nowadays by covering a layer of composite material on thin board, achieve overcome the blemish of woodiness floor board thereby.Make the entire floor achieve the desired goal: significantly reduce weight, enhance the ability to resist moisture and prevent mold, while also ensuring that the rv has a good thermal insulation effect.

Different colors

This material can be made in different colors to make the camper and van cars more unique and truly protect the vehicle from hail, bright lights, wind and rain, and changes in the cold and heat of the weather.

Resist hail and impact from flying stones

One of the advantages of fiberglass reinforced plastics is their strong hail resistance and impact resistance.Extremely strong material rigidity and extremely small deformation tendency make it an ideal material for rv roof and outer wall.

The physical properties of stability

The main characteristic of glass fiber reinforced composites is long service life.As a structural component, it has stable characteristics to ensure that the carriage wall and floor can withstand strong pressure load and bending load.

Anson New Materials

Anhui Anche New Material Co., Ltd.Located in Xuanzhou Economic Development Zone, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province..Covering an area of 20000 square meters, it has two leading FRP production lines.

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