2021 the 21st China (Beijing) RV camping Exhibition
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2021 the 21st China (Beijing) RV camping Exhibition

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Dressed in light green tulle, dyed with elegant fragrance, accompanied by spring breeze, drizzle and floral fragrance, anche new materials Co., Ltd. showed its strength in Beijing RV exhibition.

In the second half of 2020, we can see that the growth rate of RV sales has doubled, especially the trailer sales, which is the counterattack of people who love life against the epidemic situation. The concept of post epidemic era has also been perfectly interpreted in the field of RV. The epidemic has brought us social distance, but also brought some things closer, such as love and friendship.

Anche FRP has been adhering to the concept of customer first, constantly developing new products and breaking through the technical difficulties of the industry. At the same time, combining with the use needs of domestic and foreign RV manufacturers, anche FRP strives to create a perfect FRP plate suitable for RV users.

During the exhibition, the high-end and high-quality products and good corporate image of anche were concerned and recognized by the enterprises in the industry. In this exhibition, the company displayed FRP plate, FRP high gloss plate, FRP low grain plate, FRP housing plate. Also participating in this exhibition are Anhui Chery ruiford, Cangzhou ailv RV, Daide RV, Hebei Lanzhong professional automobile, Henan Xinfei, Nanjing Yingdeli, etc.


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